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A V A I L A B L E   V E H I C L E S :


The Toyota Avalon Hybrid currently averages between 38 to 45 mpg, compared to 15 to 22 mpg for a standard luxury sedan.  Utilizing Toyota's patented Hybrid Synergy Drive, exhaust emissions output is 80% less than a standard Internal Combustion Engine.  Up to 3 Passengers enjoy a luxurious interior with plenty of legroom, tinted windows, climate control & JBL audio sytem.




The Executive L Series Lincoln Town Car CNG utulizes Compressed Natural Gas, thereby providing a 90% reduction in CO emissions, and a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions.   Ride comfort & interior roominess are exemplary.




The Chevrolet Suburban CNG provides maximum travel options for larger groups--with seating for up to six passengers & plenty of trunk space, while sustaining an absolute minimum of  environmental impact.  This Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle exceeds 90% emissions reduction compared to a conventional SUV.  In other words, it takes TEN CNG Suburbans to equal the emissions of ONE standard SUV on the road!